Proud To Be A Marathoner


By Gaurav Jajodia


The upcoming trend to become a marathoner has confused a lot of people. Different people have different views about a marathoner. Well recently I have completed my 1st full marathon on 20th August this year at Hyderabad. I think I can now throw some light on this issue which might help many people understand who a marathoner is.

42 kms is the distance to be covered to exactly be termed a marathoner who can cover this distance at a go within a stipulated time. Who are these people who run such long distances which has pain, suffering throughout the race?  Are they doctors, businessmen,  engineers, working professionals? Who are these people?

Well these people have dedication, these people want to achieve something on their own, people who have the will to show the world they can achieve the tag of a marathoner if they are determined to do something.



It is not that one fine Sunday you get up and say “Let’s run a 42 kms today because I want to become a marathoner.” I am sure the chances are that after a few kilometres, you will need help to be taken back home with a lot of regret that you couldn’t complete to become a marathoner.

Marathoners are not made dreaming that I will become a marathoner one day. It’s the other way round. If you have dreamt about it with conviction, you will have to achieve it. It won’t happen lying on your bed dreaming, but by getting on the road and going running. Getting the 5:00am runs, the dedication to go to your training sessions,  moving your legs faster although you are in pain…It is about planning your next training session before the first one gets over, focussing on your strategy at every kilometre that you move ahead and working around your training accordingly.

Not only training, your nutrition plans play and equally important role. After getting all this in the right place, you have to train your mind to believe that it is your mind over your body which can only happen if you are strong enough to take up the challenge to bear the pain in your training session and then again getting ready for it the next day and the next and the next. It is the will to complete this distance with endurance, strength and dedication.



Definitely a marathoner is just not a weekend runner nor a middle aged person in his 40s who is very much concerned as to how will he be getting to the next level as a marathoner. It is much more than that. Those who can plan, stay focused on goals and finally achieve their goals in life.

I can conclude as saying that a MARATHONER is a person who can do anything if he or she is determined to do so.
Because 42…Well! It is just a number.



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