The Science Of Strength Training


By Gaurav Jajodia

Running means endurance, running means adding miles by boosting your stamina and pace. However if you have been struggling to do this, strength training is the answer.

Firstly, one should be clear as to what is the purpose of your running. Are you running to lose body fat, prepare for a marathon, do a 5k tempo run or just a fun run?

It is important to understand, as the outlook towards strength training and it’s advantages would always be different from one runner to another according to his or her priority.

 Why focus on strength training?

The advantages of strength training for runners is scientific in many ways. These are as follows :-

  1. Firstly, strength training helps to lose body fat. It has always been advantageous for a runner to be light weight for a better pace and endurance. However, one needs to understand and follow a proper program for weight training which will give a blend of endurance and muscle development.
  1. Secondly strength training would help the body for a better understanding and the ability to utilize the oxygen efficiently which would surely help for a better endurance increased pace and keep up the pace for miles together.
  1. Thirdly strength training would help to maintain the composition of the entire body. It is a well known fact that all endurance exercises result in degrading of the muscles which can be maintained by strength training. This helps the muscles to develop and at the same time makes it strong in this way muscle injury is also prevented.
  1. Fourthly strength training would help for development of core. Traditional lifts such as deadlifts, squats, chin ups has always been the backbone exercises for all athletes. Better core equals to better running. While running, one should understand it is not only the lower part of the body which is in action, but the core, the shoulders and the upper part of the body also play an important role in the overall scenario of any endurance exercise, especially running .
  1. Lastly strength training gives as overall development of the entire body- muscle mass, strength and flexibility. The strength helps in all the training programmes and the confidence to be much more strong.


And finally…

Strength training has always played a very important role in the overall development for any athlete, no matter what sport he or she is in.

Strength training can make you focus confidently, develop your body and mind because it gives a feeling which makes you believe, “Yes I am strong and I can do it. “

With this belief in mind, I traverse the miles…



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