We Don’t Always See Eye To Eye


By Nishant Maheshwari

We don’t always see eye to eye. It has been a love and hate relationship. Some days it hurts more than the others.

Our personalities never matched. I am short and an average looking guy.  The weirdo never even liked me too muscular. Always said “shed those extras,bad for your endurance,you cant climb well.” Oh really?

Our initial meeting always left me out of breath too quickly. The relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I could not even discuss it with my friends fearing they would make fun of me. Then I joined some self help groups to look for answers. We started meeting more frequently in groups. There we met more people who were struggling with similar issues. We exchanged notes on our aches and pains and looked for solutions. No relationship is perfect and so wasen’t mine. I learnt to start enjoying this pain. Now I am more comfortable with this association. The times we spend together have increased over the months now and we have deeper emotional understanding.

It still hurts some days. But then those hot water baths and massages after a passionate meet has always managed to stitch our sore heart and body.

We now meet frequently. We especially enjoy the rainy evenings and cool sunrises. We don’t even miss the days when the sun is the hottest. I don’t think there has been a complaint of endurance lately. I hope we can satisfy each other as passionately as always.

Until death do us apart…

Always truly yours…Dear Running 🙂


One thought on “We Don’t Always See Eye To Eye

  1. Super bro.. very well described the love and hate relationship…. now I am sure it’s only love love….
    Different kind of blog. Way to go… !!!


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