It is body over mind or mind over body ?


By Gaurav Jajodia

Running is an addiction, it’s a disciple, it’s a commitment . People who are into running are surely passionate about it or else its not possible.

However at times after being dedicated also people fail  to succeed in a long run.

How do we judge such a situation and  overcome  it ?

I am sharing some of my personal experiences which can help others to overcome the situation and move forward.

I had started running last year and joined this group in February this year I remember very clearly, the first time I ran in an event was for 10 kms had and completed the run in 70 minutes. However it was the first time I ran for 10 kms and I felt it was the biggest achievement of my life.

When I started running, completing  2 to 3 kms  also was a big task  for me and hence completing 10 kms  was something impossible at that time. Gradually with my body I had to train my mind to me more competitive .

This year I had taken part in events where I had completed 25  kms and am preparing myself more mentally then physically to complete 42 kms at  the end of this year.

The problem in a long run starts when  we mentally  start giving up although our body and legs are well trained to complete the run. Somewhere we start loosing the focus and we start listening to our mind. Here is where we need to train our mind over our body and be more focused on our target . While we are running its very very important that we do not let our mind capture and rule our body. Rather our body should give the command to our mind to be steady and keep running with the belief that I can and I will complete and no one can stop me till I complete my run. At this moment only you, your self motivation and the will to complete what you started, are the only tools which will take you till the finishing line.

I am still working more on my mind than my body to complete every race in my life. Life is not easy. Everyday is a new race with a lot of  difficulties. It’s just if we are mentally prepared to face  it all, we will succeed. Remember, it is mind over matter.



One thought on “It is body over mind or mind over body ?

  1. Wow… Jajo. .
    I have seen you come such a long way and I am proud to say.. not only have u achieved that level of fitness in the body… u have become a stronger and focused person in the mind too. Kudos bro.


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