Why I like to Run?


By Prerit Kedia

Ever wondered, What is the purpose of your life?

I always believed, purpose had to be something which is beyond family, beyond luxury ,beyond friends or even beyond happiness . We as human beings live and die, some do it as achievers, while many others as anonymous, but for what? .

I kept reiterating to myself, do we not have a purpose, a deeper meaning ?  If so, what is it?

There is a dialogue in the movie “3 Idiots”, “Life is a race.. If you don’t run fast.. You will be like a broken anda (egg)”. I think this dialogue actually depicts the foundation of our belief system, where everybody around us is running. Some run for money , some for family, praise, happiness and most people run for securing the happiness, not even knowing what awaits next.

Few years back I had read a book by Brian L Weiss called “Many Lives Many Masters”. This book really left a deep impact on me. (I recommend all to read it). It made me believe that the purpose of life is to experience, to experience the run called life. So , the run is not actually the means to the end, but it itself is the end to all our means.We are here to experience everything that comes our way. Just indulge, enjoy whatever comes your way, sorrow or happiness, its all packaged for you to experience, and nothing more. We have infinite lives, each life to experience a different zone.

A swiftly flowing river is always clean, inspite of having covered 1000 kms of dirt and mud, while a newly stagnated lake always looks dirty.

So coming back to the question, I love running because to me depicts life. The ups and downs of it, the excitement of accomplishment or failing of it. It gives me time to talk to myself, to remind me of the purpose . What I enjoy most when I am running amidst nature, is that sometimes I get so overwhelmed, I forget about the running goal itself. But then I have to remind myself, “You can only run to reach a goal. So to really experience the end (Run), we definitely need to have the means (Goal)”. It also reminds me ,if decided,every impossible run of life is possible. We just limit ourselves with our mind. As they rightly say, “Its all in the mind.”.



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